As a local, responsible tree company, we at All Tree Solutions care about the environment and are committed to recycling tree waste. That’s why we offer affordable mulch and firewood to businesses and customers across the Central Coast.

Responsibly sourced firewood

Firewood is a fantastic source of fuel. Because our firewood comes from tree waste, you know that by choosing All Tree Solutions for your firewood, you’re making a decision that’s good for both you and the environment.

Our firewood is sold by the loose cubic meter and, for added convenience, can be delivered directly to your door. Unlike some other firewood suppliers, our firewood is split to size and dried, so that you can use it straight away. Our firewood has outstanding burning qualities and comes from trees like Grey Gum, Iron Bark and Blue Gum.

For our latest prices and availability, call our friendly team today.

Mulch for healthy gardens

Our mulch is perfect for keeping your garden healthy. Chemical-free and good for the environment, it helps improve the health and fertility of your soil by trapping in moisture. Our mulch is sold by the truckload and can be delivered anywhere on the Central Coast.


Local delivery is $20 per load, and our mulch is available in the following amounts:

  • Full Truck – $300 (approx. 25m3)
  • Half Truck – $150 (approx. 10m3)


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